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Why The Impact IELTS?

Hi – IELTS aspirants, My name is shanta kumar and I am CELTA certified trainer from Cambridge English. Having taught IELTS and English language for about 10 years, I have decided to reach out to the maximum number of students through an outline platform and the result is

I got Shanta sir’s book, “IELTS Super Success’’ from one of my relatives and I found it very useful, especially in reading and listening, so I contacted him for further preparation and his online guidance and practice materials followed by live feedbacks helped me a lot in the preparation and I got the desired band-scale in my first attempt. I must recommend as it provides you multilevel supports at every stage of your preparation.
Vidhi IELTS Academic
I had to go abroad, Canada, for higher study, so I had been looking for a book which could help me in the preparation. I searched on and read the review of Shanta sir’s book and purchased it and, it was of great help, but I decided to take some sort of lessons from him, and so I contacted him on the given number on the book and took the online course. I got the desired result in the first attempt. Thanks to Shanta sir.
Bhagyashree IELTS Academic
I and my wife have contacted Shanta sir after reading his book “IELTS Super Success’’ as, fortunately we were living in Delhi. We met him only once and then he delivered the entire lesson online and, as a result, I got the desired band scale to migrate to Australia in the first attempt but my wife was short of .5 band-scale in reading. Since I was the primary applicant, we did not face any issue. Thanks to Shanta sir for his effort.
Ashwinee IELTS General
I saw the review of his book on Amazon and purchased the book, but I felt later on that I need someone to evaluate my speaking and writing tasks, so I approached him for writing correction services and online live speaking test. The feed backs were really useful and I was able to achieve the desired band-scale. Thanks to shanta sir.
Yashik IELTS Academic
One of my friends, from Agra referred the name of Shanta sir as she knew that I was planning to migrate to Canada with my Family and I consulted him for the online classes and got the desired score in my second attempt. His tips and traps are very practical and any body can apply them in the test successfully. Thanks to Shanta sir
Kanika IELTS General
I have prepared for the IELTS General test with Shanta sir and in the very first attempt I have obtained the required score to migrate to Canada. I have also read his book, ‘’IELTS Super Success” and it helped me immensely in the preparation. Formula of tips and traps are applied very clearly through examples.
Hemant IELTS General
I appeared the free online mock test on to evaluate my current IELTS level; my score was too poor. Shanta sir contacted me personally and suggested me to enroll in the comprehensive course which improved my overall English language. Through practice sets, mock tests and their detailed feedbacks I obtained my desired band-scale and I was able to migrate to Canada for further study. Thanks to Shanta sir.
Harmeet Singh IELTS Academic
After attempting IELTS twice on my own and not getting the required band-scale, I had decided to take help from some expert, and I got the reference of Shanta sir and, so I contacted him and became convinced after talking to him and enrolled for the Compact course. Online interactive sessions, especially after practice tasks and mock tests are absolutely incredible. I got the desired band-scale in my first attempt after joining this course. Thanks Shanta sir.
Shweta IELTS General
I came to know about Shanta sir and through the book, “IELTS Super Success” which I purchased from Amazon. I appeared the free online mock test to evaluate my current IELTS level and that I was suggested to enroll to Compact course which helped me clear my IELTS in the very first attempt. Book and lessons, both helped me in the preparation, especially, online interactive sessions are superb.
Sudhanshu IELTS Academic

The IMPACT has been in existence since 2012 and has successfully trained thousands of students in the area related to English language, like, English speaking, Professional English, Business communication, IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL etc. but in 2019, this name has been changed to The impact language training and immigration services and it has become a partnership firm registered with Haryana Business Association with a registration no. …………………………………

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